ChangePay presents to you the amazing Smart Box!

The ongoing pandemic has led to a surge of fear - The fear that your shopping parcels go through so many hands and it can be spread the infection so easily. The only alternative is to have effective social distancing and effective sanitization.

This extraordinary SmartBox sterilizes all parcels placed within it by any delivery executive, with its UVC light sterilization. After which the delivery executive will collect the parcel and move or The Smart Box can store your parcel and send you a message with an OTP that your parcel is sterilized, safe and ready for pickup. Collect them later!

Get yourself a Smart Box and Go on, Enjoy a worry free life, just like pre-Covid times! Continue with your normal shopping and deliveries with the assurance that everything delivered to your doorstep is safe to use immediately. Let the worry of spread of virus not disrupt Your focus on your life goals!

Parcels in Smartbox can be accessed through various ways such as -

  • Entering OTP

  • Via Phonecall

To name a few since the SmartBox is also secured with a numerical keypad.

Choose ChangePay Smartbox, for your safety and convenience. Be a proactive thinker and place your orders ahead of the flock!


Changepay is a Decentralized, “Phygital” (Physical + Digital) SaaS solution to enable closed Communities like college campuses /apartments and SEZ to bring residents and local merchants on a single trusted platform. So those local merchants present in these communities will become digital and will serve their communities through our innovative Smartbox mechanism. All physical movement of goods passes through an IoT Smartbox locker with in-built sanitization features.

IoT Smartbox a device that we have built is used for CONTACTLESS DELIVERY of Food/Groceries parcels/E-commerce deliveries, etc. It has in-built sanitization modules based on “UV-C light and atomizer spray” to disinfect all the parcels passing through it. The electronic Solonoid Lock has inbuilt continuity circuit switch which is sufficient to achieve the fool proof system so that no matter what, if the lock opens the UVC light will automatically cut off.