Benefits for Merchants

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  • Due to extra order for deliveries.

  • The effective social distance at merchant counter due to less crowd.

  • Merchants can provide special discounts and post about new products and combo offers and communicate with their student community effectively.

  • Students can place prepaid order for dining/pickup/ get delivery from their App itself then the merchant will just have to see the order and pack it and marks for pickup from his APP making entire process contactless.

  • Changepay application merchants can maintain their inventory digitally and get insights about their sales.

Benefits for Students

  • Food items, Photocopies, Laundry, Timeslot booking facility at saloons, old students books, and goods.

  • A truly contactless delivery and pickup of orders through our innovative smartbox solution.

  • Get delivery of anything at just a cost of 5 to 10Rs extra on MRP.

  • Save time by standing in long queues and use changepay to maintain social distancing.

  • Students can avail small-term loans from the merchant and clear the balances at the month-end ( Similar to merchant loan book but digital which is very common in colleges ).

  • Fresh comers can buy the old textbooks, academic materials, and other essential things from their seniors.

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Benefits for Management

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  • Maintain effective social distancing at in campus merchants to fight against corona spread.

  • All kinds of goods will be procured from in campus merchants and Changepay delivery executives are verified and will be dedicated to a single campus.

  • Dedicated fulltime delivery executives will be deployed for delivery operations and all goods will be procured from in campus merchant only.

  • Campus administration can now distribute food coupons, Event tickets, NCC food coupons etc digitally through changepay services.

  • Events and campus festival tickets details of different campuses will be made available which increases the student’s outreach to different campuses.