Changepay is not yet another payment option or a wallet. Changepay is an integrated local commerce solution specifically implemented keeping college hostels in mind. It integrates disparate services into one simple app tied together with an IoT lockbox to solve the “Gate to hand” challenge of delivering in college hostels.

Changepay hopes that this infrastructure can bring about the same revolution at a college level that the “India stack” brought about at a national level.


Changepay’s success lies in its commitment to addressing customer needs with professionalism and expertise, in identifying strongly with their outcome.

Our strong sense of identification with customer needs mean that we are constantly striving to provide solutions, even for issues they aren’t yet aware of. This also means we value and promote seamless interaction with all our customers and ensure they obtain the best value.

Our Idea 2015

Students sitting on campus, think about a plan to solve student issuses and problems.


Callpay Launch 2018

Distributed accumulated mess refunds at hostel authorities to the students to spend at the campus merchants through callpay.

Changepay 2019

Launched Closed community commerce platform - Cheapest delivery platform in India. Gettingselected in Axilor W19 Accelerator batch.

Happy Students 2020

38,000+ orders processed successfully. We understand the need of students better.